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Top Family-Friendly European Destinations for Surrey Families

Discovering Europe as a family offers a treasure trove of cultural experiences, interactive museums, and unforgettable memories. Surrey families seeking an adventure, look no further! With our fleet of comfortable coaches suitable for all group sizes, we've got your transport covered from the heart of the UK to the wonders of Europe.

European Theme Parks

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey to some of Europe's top theme parks. Family discounts are often available, making for an affordable, joyous outing. We recommend Disneyland Paris for its magical allure and Gardaland in Italy for its thrilling rides and picturesque Lake Garda setting.

Educational Trips

Combine fun with learning at destinations like the Deutsches Museum in Munich or the Science Museum in London. Our coaches can accommodate school groups of any size, ensuring educational trips are comfortable and hassle-free.

Family Dining in Europe

Europe is a smorgasbord of flavours suitable for all palates. Savour Spain's family-friendly tapas or Italy's beloved pasta dishes. We know all the child-friendly accommodations that offer delightful family dining options.

Interactive Museums

Museums in Europe are not just about observing; they're about engaging. The NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam offers hands-on exhibits, while the Natural History Museum in London brings ancient creatures to life for wide-eyed explorers.

Packing for Kids

Travelling with children? Our coaches have ample storage for all your packing for kids essentials, from spare clothes to favourite toys. We've got the space; you bring the adventure.

Safety Tips for Family Travel

Your family's safety is paramount. Our experienced drivers ensure a secure journey, and we're on hand with safety tips for family travel to keep your little ones protected while exploring Europe's charms.

Cultural Experiences for Children

Expose your children to new cultures through immersive experiences. Take them to see the Changing of the Guard in London or introduce them to the art of making authentic pizza in Naples. These moments are the ones that shape young minds.

Family Discounts

Travelling can be economical with the right planning. Many attractions offer family discounts, and we provide competitive pricing for our range of coaches, whether you're a small family unit or organising a large family reunion.

Coach Sizes Available for Every Family Adventure
Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Best For
Mini Coach 16-25 Small family groups
Standard Coach 25-50 Medium-sized groups
Double Decker 50-75 Large groups, school trips

Ready to embark on a European adventure that caters to the young and the young at heart? Book your family's next journey with us, where comfort meets discovery at every turn. Explore our top destinations and make memories to last a lifetime. Happy travels! 

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