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When it comes to maximizing seating capacity without extending the vehicle's length, Double Decker coaches are the undisputed champions. Offering two levels of seating, these coaches provide an efficient and comfortable solution for large group travel. In this guide, we'll delve into the unique features, popular uses, and the advantages of opting for a Double Decker coach.

Why Choose a Double Decker Coach?

Increased Capacity: The most obvious advantage is the increased seating capacity, usually ranging between 70 to 85 seats.

Panoramic Views: The upper deck offers elevated views, making it ideal for sightseeing trips.

Amenities: Many Double Decker coaches come equipped with on-board restrooms, climate control, and other premium features.

Popular Cities for Double Decker Coach Hire

  • London: For city tours or larger business conferences.
  • Liverpool: Great for school trips and sightseeing adventures.
  • Birmingham: Ideal for transporting attendees to exhibitions or trade shows.

Events Well-Suited for Double Decker Coaches

  • Concerts: Move large crowds from parking areas to venues.
  • Weddings: Transport all your guests between the ceremony and reception locations.
  • Sporting Events: Ideal for bringing fans to the game.

Comparative Table: Double Decker Coaches

Feature Single Deck Coaches Double Decker Coaches
Seating Capacity Up to 63 70-85
On-Board Restroom Mostly Yes Generally Yes
Panoramic Views No Yes

Comparing Double Decker Coaches to Other Sizes

Coach Size Ideal Use Seating Levels
53-Seater Medium Groups Single Level
70-Seater Large Groups Single Level
87-Seater Mega Events Single Level
Double Decker Largest Groups Double Level

Double Decker vs. 87-Seater: While both can accommodate large groups, Double Decker coaches offer the advantage of panoramic views, especially ideal for city tours.

Comparing to Smaller Sizes: If your group is less than 70, a smaller coach may be more economical, but you'll miss out on the Double Decker experience.

If you're planning a sizable event or tour, Double Decker coaches offer a unique travel experience along with increased capacity. Don't forget to get an online quote to compare prices and find the best option tailored to your needs.

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